Thursday, January 26, 2012

My wife seems to be psychic...

Only half of the raised area that will support our series of rain barrels was filled in before I saw what I feared the most: despite the promises of the quarry that they wouldn't overload me, a speed bump did me in and with an empty truck bed to confirm it, I had snapped a leaf spring.  The truck is out of commission and now being of legal driving age, if it were a person, I'm not going to risk another load's weight being misjudged by the stone professionals.  We're stuck in the water for a couple of days while K. and I figure out just how to either work around the landscaping conundrum I've backed us into or handle the 11 tons of gravel that we'll have leftover once we meet the "minimum delivery requirement".  As K. put it, though, she knew that it was time for something to break on the Ford because "it was just time... it had been too long...."  Her pregnancy is making her psychic.

On a positive note, in a few days my father-in-law will be in town to help K. and I brew our inaugural batch of beer at the homestead-in-progress!  Years ago I practically brewed by the ton in my little college apartment, particularly after I graduated college and had little else to do with my time, and as luck would have it I married into a brewing family!  My brother in law has even taken it up!

Nothing better to tend to the sad heart after your best tool breaks than beer.

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