Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't forget the vinegar

Ok all,
I’m going to make this short but sweet tonight… A very, very important step towards being prepared: REMEMBERING THINGS.  Last night before K. and I headed off to bed (I actually went to bed at a decent time instead of schlepping around until even after the bad reruns are off the air), we had noticed flurries of snow coming down.  And it’s January, which in some parts of the world could be considered winter!  It was below freezing and we had wet stuff coming down.  See where I’m headed here…?
Recently, I was told a neat trick the prevent ice build-up on your windshield -- spritzing three parts vinegar, one part water onto the glass before you go to bed. The next morning, thanks to the acidity of the vinegar (yeah, yeah, I could get into it but there are better resources on the web to remind us all of our basic chem lessons) no ice.  And what did I do?  Scrape ice like an idiot after looking for my scraper, wishing I hadn’t turned off my alarm when it went off the first time at 0415… At every step, I had failed myself the night before.  This is why preparedness is a lifestyle and not just a good idea.  We have to think a step or two ahead and predict just where our road will take us.  Fortunately, I was supposed to be up earlier than normal so that I could swing by a fire house and drop off a delivery of eggs en route to my duty station.  The time that I lost didn’t make me late, it just meant that I have to hope I’ll get paid for 12 eggs some time this week now.
So, if you read this, sorry your eggs were delayed, fellas.  I’ll be remembering to put the vinegar bottle by the back door at night from now on, I swear.

PS, Rubbing alcohol works too, I’m told.  And it can do a great job on windshield wipers.


  1. did you spray your wife's car???

    1. Sigh.... no. When I bomb, I bomb big. Go big or go home.