Saturday, January 28, 2012


Hey all,

I may be late to the party, but if you have cable, Nat Geo will be coming out with what could easily be either an interesting/informative show or just an hysterical laugh-riot called Doomsday Preppers, starting Febuary 7 at 9pm.  With preliminary episode titles like, "Bullets, Lots of Bullets" and "I Hope I Am Crazy" how can you not watch??

The other day, a friend casually worked in the topic of cannibalism to survive the absolute end of civilization as we talked about dehydrated foods, solar cookers and trying to balance budgets while bringing our households up to an emergency-readiness par.  As you can remember from my first post, I have a slightly less dramatic inclination behind my food preparation and conservation goals, but fully appreciate that I share a walk with many that have grander visions than I.  All the same, shows like Discovery's The Colony (which is in its third season I hear??)  and Survivorman, etc. can all serve as a jumping off point for viewers in their own search for readiness.  An example: Watching The Colony yesterday, I saw the group turn used parts into a generator and made a connection in my head.... Izzy (our canine alarm system/vacuum/cat chaser) has a run out back where an extension cord to power a water heater for her bowl is simply not going to work.  We have wind, we have sun: I will find a way to power a water heating element in the winter for my pup.  The ideas I got from the tube gave me a place to start.  And, yes, I say this with the FULL understanding of how little wattage can be realistically drawn from a small, affordable solar panel and how unreliable (also, low wattage) a wind turbine is.  Bottom line: give it a shot.  Get your kids involved... give them a science project to tackle and get your hands dirty too!  You can't stop learning and you have to get ideas from wherever they come!  When an emergency does happen, it'll be your awareness of and creativity with your resources that helps you get through and that starts now with education.

And if nothing else, these folks should give you a laugh.

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